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A listing of the Western Radio Shows.
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  • The Lone Ranger
    January 30, 1933 to 1955

    Brace Beemer as The Ranger

  • The Tom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters On the Air!
    September 25, 1933 to June 1950
    Artells "Art" Dickson as Tom Mix (the first radio "Mix")
    Percy Hemus as "The Old Wrangler"

  • Straight Arrow
    1948 to 1951
    Howard Culver played Steve Adams (a Comanche Indian named "Straight Arrow")
    With his horse "Fury"

  • Gunsmoke
    June 26, 1952 to June 18, 1961

    William Conrad as Matt Dillon
    Parley Baer as Chester Proudfoot
    Georgia Ellis as Kitty
    Howard McNear as Doc Adams
    Sound clip

  • Red Ryder
    His horse was Thunder and his Indian pal was Little Beaver who rode Papoose. 1942 - 51
    For audio click HERE

  • The Cisco Kid
    1942 - 58
    For audio click HERE

  • Hopalong Cassidy
    William Boyd as Hoppy
    For audio click HERE

  • Have Gun Will Travel
    September 14, 1957 to November 27, 1960
    John Dehner as Paladin
    For audio click HERE

  • Wild Bill Hickok
    1951 - 56
    For audio click HERE

  • Roy Rogers Show
    1944 - 55
    For audio click HERE

  • Gene Autry Show
    1940 - 56
    For audio click HERE

    Some other radio westerns are:
  • Bobby Benson's B Bar B Riders.
  • Six Shooter with Jimmy Stewart (1953 - 1954)
  • View the extended list of other radio westerns and more at OLD TIME RADIO SHOW CATALOG

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