Text & Drawings by Floyd D.P. Oydegaard

Preservin' The Legend

The stories around the Legend is what makes the pistolero one whole step above other plain citizens. You must be as great a fibber as James Butler Hickok, a braggart like William Bonney, or just plain mean like John Wesley Hardin.

What Charles E. Boles created was the worse kind of bandit! When he covered his head with a sack mask he wanted the victims to think he hid a full black beard and piercing black eyes. With eye holes like a ghost! To hide a snarling mouth full of rotting teeth and breath to match! A desperado that would kill anyone if you looked at him sideways. So mean he wrote poems with unseemly implications and foul words. However, The Legend was much worse than the real man. That was what the public wanted to believe...the truth was never so interesting.

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