Text & Drawings by Floyd D.P. Oydegaard


The cowboy and sodbuster are metioned in order to describe the possible variations of a gunfighter. In most cases the idea of a gunman being dressed in the lower status of these two working class types would be unthinkable, but the fact remains that some gunslingers had no idea that they would become (in-)famous by their deeds while doing honest labor.

The following examples are some strange garments worn by very famous pistoleros:

Jim Younger had his ambrotype done while wearing a poka-dot tie done up in the Windsor knot!

Billy The Kid was wearing a heavy sweater when he posed for his tintype.

Wild Bill Hickok wore a jacket with fringe, fur and colorful designs at the neck, cuff and hem, cinched up with a belt where he had stuffed his pearl-handled pistols and long knife.

Charles E. Boles was never aprehended in his famous white duster with matching hood and boot covers of cotton duck.

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