Text & Drawings by Floyd D.P. Oydegaard

Dressin' the Part

(part 4)

Southern California

There is a small town in the southern part of the golden state that breeds a form of gunslinger that nearly defies description! He wears an unnatural mix of fibers in trousers and blouses, the latter with buttons, of what seems like gutta-percha, that go past where he ought to have a button fly. Instead there is some sort of metal zig-zag connector that one must remove a gun belt to undo! His belt runs through "loops" that don't hold his pants up like braces would, and to make it even worse his holster and gun belt have slipped down almost to his knee, where he has taken a leather thong and tied it 'round his leg! (I'm sure his gun would fall out as soon as he sat on his horse.) He wears a silky, useless scarf around his neck, and his shirt is unbuttoned (oblivious to the shame of exposing his naked chest!) He wears an open leather vest and NO FROCK COAT! His boots exhibit terrible stitched designs and have "ladies'" pointed toes and high heels! His spurs and hat are usually the only portion of this ghastly costume that bear any resemblance to a pistolero. Even there, I've seen such things not even a sodbuster would be caught dead in. Avoid this costume at all costs!

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