Text & Drawings by Floyd D.P. Oydegaard

Dressin' the Part

(part 3)


The saddle tramp is oftimes a hard working cowpoke with a desire to find work that will allow him to remain in his beloved saddle. After a long drive he might spend his earnings on soiled doves, whiskey or a game of cards: sometimes all three, if he has the time or luck. His clothes are usually what he's been wearing for long stretches of time, with a rare dip in a river or stream to clean said garments. They would consist of long underwear, cotton shirt of any color or pattern and the denim trousers. He might have leather chaps of two or three designs, a cotton long coat or linen duster and tall, square-toed boots with spurs fastened on by wide leather straps. A gun belt girdles his waist, over the buttons on his breeches which anchor his suspenders. He will have a wool vest with a pocket watch, tobacco pouch, chewing tobacco and possibly a folding knife. His slouch hat is large enough to keep the rain and sun off his neck. His other tools include a larger knife and, of course, the lariat.

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