Text & Drawings by Floyd D.P. Oydegaard

How Easterners See A Gunfighter

Excerpt from a "5 Novel" dated 1895: "...His every movement was characterized by a careless abandon and tiger-like grace that were beautiful to see. He wore a white sombrero, one side of the brim looped back with a cluster of dazzling brilliants. He was clad in the picturesque clothing of a Mexican hacendado. His short jacket was dark velvet, the buttons consisting of silver dollars, each polished to a mirror-like brightness and set with a diamond. About the waist was a red silk sash, the ends heavy with gold galoon and falling from a graceful knot at the side. The wide 'Greaser' trousers were laced up the outer seams with glittering cord, and the youth's feet were incased in patent-leather shoes at whose heels dangled a pair of silver spurs with immense rowels." His name is Bertie Wade, of the lion-heart, otherwise known as, Diamond Dick Jr.


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