Text & Drawings by Floyd D.P. Oydegaard

How To Tie A Perfect Bow

No self respecting Pistolero would be seen in public with a poorly-tied silk tie.

1) Pull it tight and loop it once. (not too tight unless you want to feel what might await you at the end of a rope!)

2) Bring top end over the front and work within this loop.

3) Now tie it off like you would a shoe lace or lady's ribbon. (The important part is the top loop. Keep this wide and as flat as you can while you make your bow.)

4) When you have a loose bow, pull ends, adjusting length and snugging bow to your neck.

5) The lay of each looped end and straight end will vary each time, depending on tie.

6) Stay away from "Neck-Tie Parties".

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