Text & Drawings by Floyd D.P. Oydegaard

Etiquette of The Gun

There are certain things one never does as a true master of the six-gun. Never let anyone "hold" your gun! Billy the Kid overheard a man brag how he was going to shoot the Kid and Billy asked to look at the gun that would be famous. The fool handed it over, and Billy shot him dead with it (or he removed the bullets so when the fellow tried to kill the kid he failed)! One ought to be polite when a stranger seems to admire your demeanor and asks to fondle those things you carry on your body. Tip your hat politely, keep your eyes on his and just say no! Tipping your hat to ladies is required of you at all times. In fact a flowing gesture of arm and hat to the ground with a deep bend at the waist only adds to your reputation. Being charming to the ladies may give you many character references, if needed, before a hanging judge. Tuburcio Vasquez was truly worshiped by the ladies he encountered.

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