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When I started this page of the web site I was only thinking about those films that made an impression on me. Now I realize they all did!
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Herod's Gang from TQTD

  • The Grey Ghost
  • The Sundance Kid
  • Sheriff of Cochise
  • Jim Bowie
    (Only about 27[1830's] years removed from the "Whiplash" series [1860's])

    Rec'd this list recently (02-14-02)from a pard; Howard Price:
  • Hannie Caulder (1972): Raquel Welch, Robert Culp, Christopher Lee, Ernest Borgnine, and two of the all-time great western character actors, the late Strother Martin and Jack Elam.
  • Nevada Smith (1966): the late Steve McQueen, Karl Malden, the late Brian Keith, Martin Landau.
  • Quick and the Dead (1987) anHBO movie out on video the original from Louie Lamour's story: Sam Elliot, Kate Capshaw, Tom Conti, Matt Clark.
  • The Professionals (1966): most of the cast (and the director) have passed away; Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster, Woody Strode, Robert Ryan, Ralph Bellamy. Also starring Jack Palance and the lovely Claudia Cardinale.
  • The Long Riders (1980): one of the most unique casting ensembles ever, 4 sets of brothers (James & Stacey Keach as the James', David, Keith & Robert Carradine as the Youngers, Dennis and Randy Quaid as Ed & Clell Miller, Christopher and Nicholas Guest as Bob & Charley Ford).
  • Tom Horn (1980): the late Steve McQueen, Linda Evans, the late Robert Foxworth, the late Slim Pickens.
  • Shalako (mid 60's): Sean Connery, Bridgett Bardot, Honor Blackmon.
  • The Shootist (1976): the late John Wayne, Ron Howard, the late Richard Boone, Hugh O'Brien, Lauren Bacall.
  • Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970): Jason Robards, Stella Stevens, the late Strother Martin, the late Slim Pickens, L. Q. Jones, David Warner, R.G. Armstrong.
  • Culpepper Cattle Co. (1972): Gary Grimes, Billy "Green Bush", Bo Hopkins, Luke Askew.
  • Young Guns I&II (1988, 1990): Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Keiffer Sutherland, Jack Palance, the late Brian Keith, Christian Slater, William L. Peterson, Lou Diamond Phillips, James Coburn. (Estevez does the best Billy The Kid I've ever seen, and I love the Brushy Bill Roberts scene at the beginning and end of the sequel. But the director and screen writer got about everything historically wrong in this movie that they possibly could, it would take a long time to detail all the errors).
  • Winchester 73 (1950): the late Jimmy Stewart, the late Will Geer, the late Dan Duryea, Shelly Winters, the late Millard Mitchell. One of the all-time classic westerns.
  • The Gunfighter (1950): Gregory Peck, the late Millard Mitchell, Karl Malden, Helen Westcott, Skip Homeier, Richard Jaeckel. Another classic.
  • Stagecoach 1966: starring Alex Cord, Ann-Margaret, the late Slim Pickens and Keena Wynn. Wynn's portrayal of Luke Plummer and the ending of the movie (in addition to Bing Crosby's doctor, Red Button's whisky drummer and Mike Connors "Hatfield") were light years better than the 1939 original.

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