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Charlton Hines House c1880

CHARLTON HINES - need more info!

  • Charlton's last two wives and children:
    Married Feb 9, 1809 to Ann Beard (called Mrs. Bell from a previous marriage to William F. Bell)
    Ann's parents were Mathew Beard and Sarah Hurst Bell (hmmm) children:

  • Robert C. Hines b. Aug/Sept 1810 who married a Joanna Hancock and later a Mary Rebecca Butler
    (What offspring?)
  • Charlton b 1812 died soon after
  • Sarah Jane Way b 1819-20? married Oct 24(27?), 1855 Children:

  • James E. Hines b May/June 1860 married Josephine Way(?)

  • J. Charlton Hines (Charley) b 1857-8 married Willie Gunn
    (What offspring?)

    Most of what I have came from the Univ. Geo. Libraries.
    Also FYI Charlton was a State Senator during the years: 1828 to 1832 and 1836-37-43.

    The 1820 census shows him with 26 slaves

    1830 census shows him as a planter with 72 slaves and gives their average ages.

    1840 census shows him as a planter with 73 slaves and gives their average ages.

    There were two "plantations" listed belonging to Lewis Hines (Charlton's bro):

  • Silkhosse(?) (Silk House?) and Belmont
    These came from a will that had 77 slaves listed by name and value for Silhosse and 41 for Belmont dated Jan 19, 1841.

    I wish I had a list of Charlton's slaves names.......and what happened to him and his sons during the war(Civil War).... did they fight or were they exempt from the war? I want to know their offspring and maybe if there was a son that may have been the Black sheep of the family.....
    I think my ties are with Robert C. Hines as I have a Great Uncle named Robert Hines...but who knows.....and where to look?

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