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Crawford home in Paris, Lamar County, Texas?
c1890? Cassie Ann is the little girl in white.

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  • ABRAM R. CRAWFORD (Census records, etc.)
    born: August 25 1798(?)
    Iredell Co., North Carolina
    Died: July 1, 1883 (a memoriam)
    Athens, Limestone Co., Alabama
    married: (?) to:
    born: (?) 1806
    South Carolina
    died: July 18, 1874

    Their Children: Alfred, Celeta E., Mary Harriet (some data on file)

  • ALFRED D. CRAWFORD (Census records, etc.)
    born: (?) 1822
    Athens, Ala.
    died: (?)
    Athens, Ala.
    married: (?) to:
    MARGARET F. (?)
    born: March 24, 1820
    Wilson Co., Tennessee
    died: June 10 1888
    Athens, Ala.
    Their Children: Rebecca, John Nicholas, Edward, Abram Robert (data on file)

  • ABRAM ROBERT CRAWFORD (served in 10th Tenn Cav CSA as A.D. Crawford)
    born: January 4, 1847
    Athens (Bairdstown community) Limestone Co., Ala.
    died: June 26, 1916 (an obituary)
    Paris, Lamar Co., Texas
    married: November, 1 1868 to:
    born: August 15, 1850
    Lincoln County, Georgia(?)
    died: April 18, 1914
    Paris, TX (Union Grove Cemetery)
    Their Children: Eualla T., May(Mary) E., Emma V.L., Ozelia P., Cornelia Ann, J.E., J. David (very little data)

    born: March 30, 1878
    Athens, Ala.
    died: September 29, 1966
    Yuba City, California
    married: Oct 13, 1898 to:

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    Walter Green Hines & Bride Cassie Ann Crawford

    WALTER GREEN HINES (See Hines Lineage)
    Their Children: Robert Frank, Esther, Lillie
    LILLIE HINES was my mother's mother!
    (Details on file)
    Crawford is an English, Irish, or Scottish name that described the man who emigrated from the medieval locale called Crawford (there were several such places -- Dorset and Lancashire, England, for example, and Strathclyde, Scotland as another). The locations got their name from Old English crawa = crow + ford = ford, river crossing. Variations are Crauford, Crawfurd, Craufurd, Crawforth.

    Other Family Names in my genealogy, (so far):
  • Berg
  • Bergene
  • Buffham
  • Crawford
  • Hines
  • Rogge
  • Ryerson
  • Peterson/Oydegaard

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