Buffham Searcher

"This is the place that little Archie got killed at!"
so says the back of the picture,
"My mother killed him when she backed the horse over him!"
He was only three years old.
"The man is H.R. and the boy Frank or Bert."


    born: February 14, 1830
    Woodbridge, England
    Died: February 24, 1910(?)
    Petaluma, Sonoma Co., California
    married: (?) to:
    born: September 12, 1837
    Piper City, Cook or Ford County, Illinois
    died: October 27, 1916
    Murray, Alameda Co., California
    Their Children: Heman Robert*, Stella Barbara, Emma(Laura Imogene), James Byron (some data on file)

    born: December 20, 1858
    (?), Iowa
    Died: January 31, 1931
    Riverbank, Stanislaus Co. CA
    buried at Citizens Cemetery, Oakdale, CA
    married: October 28, 1884 in Cottonwood, Idaho Co., Idaho to:

    MARY KATHERINE ROGGE (her family)
    born: September 30, 1864
    Stanton, Nebraska
    died: September 18, 1942
    Sacramento, California
    Their Children: George, James Frank, Bird Bert, Nye Guy Ray, Herbert Leroy, Florence Edna, Dern Delos, Jay Lee*, Archie Artie, Ena May (some data on file)
    NOTE:Heman & Mary were divorced December 8th 1911 and had this image made two days later. Albiet on seperate cards!

  • JAY LEE BUFFHAM (his adventures)
    born: November 25, 1899
    Rio Vardie River, Arizona
    Died: December 23, 1974
    Fresno, California
    married: (2) September 4, 1927 to:

    LILLIE HINES (her family)
    born: November, 21, 1906
    Merit, Hunt Co., Texas
    died: February 13, 1978
    Sacramento, California
    Their Child:
    Ruth Louise* (my mother)

    born: August 11, 1928
    Sacramento, California
    married: (1) June 18, 1945 to:

    born: May 22, 1924
    Minneapolis, Minnesota (Saint Louis Park on the Nelson farm)
    died: May 4, 1973
    Palo Alto Veteran's Hospital, California
    Their Children:
  • Floyd Douglass Peterson Oydegaard
    March 29, 1946 -
  • Michael Allan Peterson Oydegaard
    August 12, 1947- October 18, 2003
  • Karen Darlene Peterson Melville
    September 28, 1951 -

    Other Family Names in my genealogy, (so far):
  • Berg
  • Bergene
  • Buffham
  • Crawford
  • Hines
  • Rogge
  • Ryerson
  • Peterson/Oydegaard

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