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Born Nov 14, 1921 in Bayonne, New Jersey
(RIP ol'pard, we'll miss yew! June 25, 1997)

his movies:

Arrowhead 1953
Jivaro 1954
Violent Men 1955
Hell Canyon Outlaws1957
Run of the Arrow 1957
Fort Dobbs 1958
Desert Hell 1958
Sierra Baron 1958
Move Along Mustangers 1959
Ten Who Dared 1960
The Deadly Companions1961 (Sam Peckinpah)
Savage Sam 1963
Johnny Shiloh 1963
The Raiders1963
The Hallelujah Trail 1965
Nevada Smith 1966
The Rare Breed 1966
The Bull of the West 1971
Something Big 1971
The Seekers 1979
The Mountain Men 1980
Young Guns 1988
Run of the Arrow
Scandalous John

made for tv movies:

Centennial 1978-79
The Chisholms 1979
The Alamo: 13 Days of Glory 1987
The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw 1991
The Quest 1976
The Seekers 1979
The Tenderfoot 1964

tv series:

Zane Grey Theatre 1959
The Westerner 1960
The Outlaws 1961
The Marshal 1994 First season

tv series (Guest):

Ford Theatre1955
Rawhide 1959
The Virginian1963
How The West Was Won1977
Young Riders1990

Documentaries - Voice-over

Smithsonian's great battles of the Civil War - vol 2 - 1992 - Sheridan
Smithsonian's great battles of the Civil War - vol 5 - 1992 - J. E. Johnston
Wild West - 5 volumes - 1993 (directors: David Attwood & Keith Merrill)

*Brian Keith starred with Jimmy Stewart in the film "The Rare Breed" 1966.


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